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Open Fitness is a program to keep track of fitness programs
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Open Fitness is a program to keep track of fitness programs. This software allows creating exercise programs and routines for reach goal according to the fitness programs selected. This program offers many features to keep you healthy and in good shape.

You can create your own user and establish your own goals (weight and corporal mass) moreover to reach your goals it allows to aggregate routines, diets, and many other things to tracks your own progress and results. It allows adding your own Weightlifting exercises with the number of repetitions, weight and the time to rest between repetitions. Also in its Cardio Journal you can choose among a wide diversity of cardio exercises like biking, walking, stair stepper, jogging, etc and set it up its intensity, distance and others features according to the exercise that you selected; or even better it offers the possibility of create your own cardio exercise.

All this training must be accompanied with a good diet, so you need to watch over the meals that you’re eating; that’s why this fitness software counts also with its Diet Journal module that allows you to organize and schedule your meals during the time that you expected to meet your goal. It provides several foods with their calories, fat, proteins and carbohydrates and calculates the result of these values when you select two or more foods in one meal. If you’re using some food supplements these can be added in its Supplement Journal section allowing being part of your diet.

It s Measurement Journal section allows to set more goals by the measuring of different parts of your body that you desire to decrease or increase by sculpting or modeling with your bodybuilding or cardio exercises. All the progress of your fitness can be follow in the Progress Journal where it provides all the tracking of your routines and training showing changes on the different measurements that must coincide with the real measurements. It allows changing the measurement system (English or metric); also it offers the possibility to sync with your PDA and have your information with you all the time.

The program's GUI is nice and easy for users. Its installation process is very easy to perform. Its documentation is included with the software and is complete and detailed. Open Fitness works on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Open Fitness is an excellent program that allows tracking a complete integral fitness program


  • It will require some time to input all the information, but it is worth it
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